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Facts at a glance:

  • Cost optimized,compact design
  • Real-Time Ethernet to Fieldbus, serial RS232/422/485 to Fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet
  • Ethernet-serviceinterface
  • Integrated FDT/DTM based configuration tool
  • Suitable for OEMs or reseller
  • Slave-to-Slave-,Slave-to-Master-conversion



Low-Cost Gateway PROFIBUS to Ethernet
The netTAP gateway family converts two protocols simply and efficiently into each other. Whether it’s a simple serial bus, a classic Fieldbus or one of the many Real-Time-Ethernet protocols, netTAP provides a common platform for a transparent conversion of any protocol of the industrial automation. For plants recently upgraded with Fieldbus or modernized withReal-Time-Ethernet netTAP enables the use of existing and proven field devices still by simply interfacing between the new and old technology.The modular device design combines the two network interfaces in a DIN-rail mountable housing. netTAP is configured and diagnosed by an universal FDT/DTM based configuration tool suite. LED indicators are visualizing status information for rapid on-site diagnostics. The protocol conversion are pre-programmed and are loaded as firmware into the device on demand. Because of the same physical network interface all Real-Time-Ethernet protocols can be managed by one single device variant.

netTAP 50 – The low-cost Gateway

netTAP 50 is a protocol converter for simple conversions. It supports conversions of 1-port Real-Time-Ethernet to Fieldbus to serial automation protocols and realizes slave to slave and slave to master combinations. As a master netTAP 50 provides full master functionality to a single slave. This enables an effortless integration of a single field device into any superordinate network. The design impresses with a cost-optimized, compact hardware reduced to the very basic needs of a protocol converter. The converter addresses a market segment that sets the focus on cost savings rather than on a fully-featured functionality. The cost reduced design combined with its countless conversion possibilities is making netTAP 50 an attractive gateway in terms of price and universality. The gateway is predestined for OEM and reseller business for a simple and cost-efficient system solution.

Product NT 50-DP-EN
Description Low-Cost Gateway PROFIBUS to Ethernet
Diagnostic Interface via Ethernet
Display LINK
Protocol specific
Configuration SYCON.net
Operating voltage 18 - 30 V / 130 mA at 24 V
Plug connector Mini COMBICON 2-pole
Operating temperature 0°C-60°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) (without connector)
100 x 25 x 70 mm
Mounting On top-hat rail DIN EN 60715
Weight approx. 80 g
CE sign Yes
Emission CISPR 11 Klasse A CISPR 11 Klasse A
Noise immunity EN 61131-2: 2003
Protocol cyclic Data
ASCII Master 2024 Byte I/O-Data
Slave 2024 Byte I/O-Data
CANopen Slave 1024 Byte I/O-Data
Master 1024 Byte I/O-Data
CC-Link Slave 736 Byte E/A-Daten
DeviceNet Slave 510 Byte I/O-Data
Master 510 Byte I/O-Data
PROFIBUS Slave 488 Byte I/O-Data
Master 488 Byte I/O-Data
Ethernet/IP Slave 1008 Byte I/O-Data
Master 1008 Byte I/O-Data
Modbus RTU Master 1024 Byte E/A-Daten 
Slave 1024 Byte E/A-Daten
Modbus TCP Master 1024 Byte E/A-Daten
Slave 1024 Byte E/A-Daten
PROFINET-IO Slave 2048 Byte I/O-Data
Master 2048 Byte I/O-Data


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